Author: Dr. Ajit Varwandkar

Once A Jeweler from Dubai landed at Mumbai International Airport. At the immigration, security asked questions about a dozen gold rings he was carrying in his laptop bag. The gold ring merchant had bills and documents sufficient to satisfy the customs officer. After clearing all airport formalities and collecting his luggage, he hired a taxi for some destination. 

It had crossed midnight, and the clock was moving ahead of 2 am in the morning. The gold man was engrossed in a chat with someone over the phone. They discussed the uniqueness and specialities of the various gold rings he had brought to India. From all that he was talking about, the driver of the cab – Laddu Pinto, could make out that the fellow was a very honest person. A man of values and discipline, indeed. 

By around 3.15 am, Laddu dropped the jewellery seller at his destination -a five-star hotel and moved ahead. At 5 am, he reached home and decided to sleep for a while. Laddu asked his younger brother to clean the taxi and prepare it for the next ride. 

As soon as Laddu got into a short nap, his brother came to him shouting joyfully. Irritated, Laddu asked for the reason for his euphoria. His brother said, buddy, there is a laptop in your car. Your last passenger must have forgotten it. And guess what, there are many gold rings in this bag! You hit a jackpot today, my dear brother. We are wealthy now! No need to work for a few months hereafter.

Laddu jumped out of his bed and checked the Laptop. He immediately got into the driver’s seat and rushed towards the hotel where he had dropped the Gold merchant. He asked his brother to accompany him in the car. Throughout the road, They argued a lot about this decision. His brother was not convinced about Laddu’s idea to return the bag and the rings. Finally, Laddu’s brother suggested him to secretly keep at least a few gold rings with him. This thought also didn’t go well with Laddu.

Finally, they reached the hotel reception. As soon as Laddu enquired about a person who may have checked in the early morning, the man at the reception said, “Are you the taxi driver?” Laddu nodded in affirmation and inquisitiveness. He said, ‘What made you guess so?”

Receptionist: “As soon as the guest reached our desk, he realised his mistake. He knew he had forgotten his Laptop with all those valuables in your car. He rushed out to see if, by any chance, you were still there.” When the fellow briefed us about all that had happened, we suggested he immediately file an FIR at the nearest police station. The merchant refused and said, “I had a very positive vibe about the taxi driver. I am sure he will come back and return my bag.” 

Laddu saw the Dubai man come out of the hotel elevator. He was calm and peaceful. Laddu handed over the Laptop to the merchant and said, “Sir, please check it properly. All your gold rings are intact.” The merchant said, “I have all the reasons to believe that all my belongings are safe. Can we have some time in the cafeteria?”

Four years later:

Laddu Pinto has now grown from one taxi owner to a fleet owner. With fifteen cars plying for his travel company, he employs about 25 people. The jewellery merchant’s company is his biggest client. In fact, Laddu has an exclusive taxi service contract for a dozen big corporates from the UAE. 


When the gold seller got his Laptop back, he offered one ring to Laddu as a gift in appreciation for his loyalty. Laddu refused and said I am already ornamented with the ring of truthfulness and honesty. I don’t need anything else. Impressed with this character, the businessman offered exclusive business tie-ups and client referrals to Laddu Pinto.

Thus, Laddu transformed his business. Karma, they say!

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This column was originally published by the author in The Times of India