Dr Ajit Varwandkar is delighted to share that  a very positive, optimistic and encouraging reviews have been from all participants of Thought Engineering Workshops till date.

As per the feedback and research,  more than 95%+ participants have found the theme useful and expressed a keen intention to participate once again in the engaging workshop.

Many of them have made the thought maintenance process a routine chore and they are reaping wonderful fruits out of it – a few such participants have reported the following specific results:

  • Elevated level of happiness in life
  • Reduced stress
  • High level of motivation to achieve more
  • Impeccable decision making
  • Better time utilization
  • Increased efficiency at workplace
  • Adaptability in tough and challenging situations

Here are a few testimonials received from industry..

Testi1“The two days workshop “Achieve More” conducted by Dr Ajit Varwandkar has not just transformed and energized my team but also elevated us all into a next level of Achievement Orientation.”.

 S Ravi Shanker Chief Operating Officer GMR Energy

Testi 2Ajit has the sharpest mind and structured thoughts much ahead of time. He is a passionate man with a burning desire to work for increasing overall committed competencies.

Hakimmudin Ali Chairman, Imerys India

Managing Director, Calderys India & Middle East

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