Author: Dr. Ajit Varwandkar

One of the most inspiring views is to see winners rejoice on the stage after achieving a podium finish. The aura created by all such winners spreads an amazing fragrance of motivation in the ecosystem.

I always suggest people read autobiographies. I further suggest they carefully go through their life challenges. We read all about their achievements and filter out their life challenges. I strongly recommend people understand their career paths are complex or challenging! Take a deep dive into their life, and you will realise that all the media glory of a celebrity is just the tip of the iceberg.

A winning mindset is the first prerequisite for success. Here I am presenting six pillars which build the foundation stone of a winning mindset:

1. The power of thoughts

In any situation, you can think of success or an excuse, but never both. Winning mindsets always think positive. Adversities inspire them to come out with better efforts. Once I met a beggar. He was asking for pudding in alms. I said you don’t even have food to eat. Why are you looking for sweets? He replied I am not sure what I will get to eat today.

Nevertheless, what is the harm in asking for something more than expected and assumed?

What a powerful thought? I am sure that when people carry such hardwired confidence, they succeed even in adverse circumstances. The secret is to continually be in a self-conviction mode of achieving defined targets irrespective of the bottlenecks. Winning thoughts create winners. To be a winner, ‘think like one. All that one needs to do is to programme our subconscious into the winning mindset.

2. You are the best

Once I met the CEO of an organisation. My honest confession: if I had met him on the streets, I would have never believed him to be the senior person of a multi-billion organisation! I must say he was apparently looking shabby.

Your looks never matter, but your self-confidence does. You do not have to be flamboyant and handsome to be a legend. Look at a few winners around you, and you will find that not all of them are super handsome.

Your appearances never matter, but your thoughts, ideas, values, and ethics does.

3. Be in the right company.

Successful people usually spend most of their time with winners. They are competent in finding suitable companions. They never spend a minute in the unproductive company. They aspire to stay near winning mindsets.

The benefit of being in the right company are many. It not only inspires you but also helps you generate creative ideas. Positive networking delivers path-breaking solutions.

4. Winners create opportunities

Winning mindsets never wait for the door of opportunity to open up. On the contrary, they keep knocking on doors till they get into a room full of possibilities. They create opportunities. Winning mindsets never cry and give an excuse.

5. Perform beyond expectations

Winners deliver incredible results. They never work for money but for performance and satisfaction.

Once Laddu Pinot – A mechanic, was called to repair a washing machine.

Coincidentally, it automatically started working as soon as he touched the device. The owner was also surprised to see this. He asked Laddu for the Service Charges, to which Laddu refused. He said I need your permission to open and unassemble this machine. The hesitant owner gave the consent. After 2 hours of working on the machinery, Laddu could find some significant faults inside. He corrected it and then asked for his service charges.

The above illustration is that of a winning mindset. Winners are must different from the masses in terms of the value they bring with them.

6. Winners ignore demotivators

These are the people who ignore non-constructive criticisms. They know the fact that visionary is usually ridiculed for their ideas. Winners are passionate about crazy and creative ideas. They do not subscribe to conformance.

Winning mindsets, always think for the end results. They begin with the end in mind. You end up nursing the greatness within yourself when you ignore gossip or disappointing talks.

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This column was originally published by the author in The Times of India