HulThe writing style of Dr. Ajit Varwandkar is very sensual and easily gels with the feelings and emotions of common man. He has shared various examples which has practical linkage to real life experiences. While reading the book it seemed as if I was speaking to myself. It is highly impactful and generates self reflecting thoughts. A wonderful idea called – “Think Success” 

Sumit Sen, ER Head – Asia
GM, HR – Hindustan Unilever Ltd
HR Director, Unilever, Mumbai

MONO-1 (PSD) copy - Copy (1)On behalf of our O.P. Jindal School, Raigarh fraternity, I wish to thank Dr. Ajit Varwandkar & Dr. Varsha Varwandkar for the successful conduct of Career Orientation Session for our students.

Our students shared an overwhelming positive response on the session and felicitously expressed their gratification over the career options you unfolded in front of them.  In addition, Parents too expressed their desire to have another opportunity to replicate such Career Orientation Session in near future.  I hope that you both will continue to be the resource persons and help students to easily find out the suitable opportunity to excel in the field of their interests/choices. Great job, well done & wishes to continue your impressive services….

R.K. Trivedi
O.P. Jindal School, Raigarh 496001, C.G. India


He is so natural. When we read his articles it seems like he is sitting in front and explaining the concepts. I find Dr. Ajit Varwandkar’s writing very encouraging. The most impressive impact comes from the ideaswhich he picks up from happenings close to our day to day works; He always shares a new direction and dimensions to the basics of life. My best wishes to him for his social works and this book – “Think Success”

Mukesh Nihal,
Teacher – Art of Living, Raipur

Monnet LogoI have been regular reader of Dr. Ajit Varwandkar’s Saturday columns. These articles have inspired me with positive attitude and determination. The analogy he draws from our surrounding are so simple yet thought provoking. He continues to raise the bar for everyone, to show people of all ages that they can turn dreams into reality. Thank Dr. Ajit for teaching the rest of us what it means to be a real winner in life. I am sure ‘Think Success’ is just the beginning for a positive thought movement led by you.

Aniruddha Singh
President- Group Human Resources
Monnet Ispat & Energy Limited,
New Delhi

boi logoIn my very first meeting with Dr. Ajit Varwandkar, I got the flavor of his intellectual prowess. I am fortunate to have attended one of his workshops on Thought Engineering which brought an amazing transformation in my inner strength. I enjoy the columns authored by Dr. Ajit specifically because he writes difficult subjects in simple words. He is a gifted person for presenting complex matters in truthful yet amusing ways. Most of the times, I can identify experiences which he describes; with those of my own life. In the book Think Success, he helps us realize that all our problems are typical and each one of us gets to face those. He suggests very effective and constructive ways to get out of challenging situations. This book will surely be a great source of motivation for students, professionals, housewives and employees.

Prashant Naik
Zonal Manager
Bank of India, Pune

KITE-LOGOI am glad to inform you that Engineering Branch Selector developed and launched by my agla kadam is an amazing tool to assess the interest of the students desirous of seeking admission in engineering.It helps student in selecting a particular branch of engineering. Based on simple questionnaire it gathers the information and captures the interest of students.I have personally used and employed it in Kruti Institute of Technology and Engineering, Raipur.

Mostly students take admission in a particular branch of engineering on recommendations and guidance of teachers, parents, seniors or experts and at a later stage feel that they have selected a wrong branch which does not match with their interest.This may result as a roadblock  in their career growth as they do not perform and meet the expectations of employers.

I recommend this tool for students desirous of seeking admission in Engineering.

Principal, Kruti Institute of Technology and Engineering
Raipur, CG

CR 3

Ajit has the most seasoned mind and structured thoughts – much ahead of his time. He has ever growing penchant to do larger good for the society. His is a passionate man with a burning desire to work for increasing overall competence of underprivileged students and qualified youth, specifically from the backward areas of our society. We need thousands of Ajit in this country to really create an inferno of competence and employability. I am sure this book, THINK SUCCESS, on inducing positive energy and mindset in the youth would be a great work from him based on his enormous and extensive experiential interactions with the youth of today. He is a living example of what he preaches so we surely can rely on his work and his words. I congratulate him on publishing his first book and look forward to handing over the first print to my daughters and energize them. I am sure this is just the first golden nugget out of his chest and we look forward to more shining jewels from his experience. I wish him all the best.

Chairman Imerys India,
Managing Director, Calderys India and Middle East

c4There are many motivational books in the market. However most are hundreds of pages long which require a few weeks of reading. By the time we are in the second half of the book, most of us have already forgotten the first half.

Dr. Ajit Varwandkar avoids this by sticking to the point for each concept he introduces in the book – the ideas shared by him are helpful for those who wish to get over personal tragedies, failures and be successful.

One can finish reading this book in a few hours and put the learnings into action the next moment. I strongly advise the reader to stop and perform the reflecting ritual after every chapter in the book. I wish Dr. Varwandkar all success for this book – “Think Success” which is going to be the best motivational self-help book…

Shankar J Salunkhe
Founder and President
Vibrant HR Professionals Association, Pune
Head Human Resource – TACO (IPD) Hinjewadi

After going through the weekly columns authored by Dr. Ajit Varwandkar, I feel rejuvenated and hopeful. He is truly a catalyst in bringing dreams to reality. His words make a person realize the scope of infinite possibilities. Ajit is a friend, philosopher and guide to all those who want to fulfill their dreams, want more out of their lives and those who want to live an awesome life.

I am sure, Think Success will trigger a fresh wave of confidence and courage for the reader.

Lipi Banerjee. President
Nisos Technologies, Mumbai

The various theme’s chosen by Ajit in this book ‘Think Success’, are not only relevant & impactful for readers but it also ignites thoughts on various aspects related to an individual’s craving for group and success. The real life illustrations helps the reader to relate with his/her own life and that is the most unique character of this book. The messages given come up very natural, away from jargons & connects with the reader very easily. I am sure “Think Success ” will be of great help to students, professionals , young entrepreneurs and every one as the real success takes birth with power of thinking in mind of an individual. I congratulate him for addressing the issue of success in everyone’s life in his book and wish him very best of luck.

 Vinod Kumar Singh
Joint President & Head HR
SEA & Egypt Acrylic Fibre & Overseas Spinning Business, Bangkok

I have been a regular reader of the articles by Dr. Ajit Varwandkar. What I appreciate the most in the articles is the fact that message is conveyed in a very lucid and simple language based on actual anecdotes and stories of real life experiences. The lesson shared in ‘Think Success’ have a sense of reality and hence is easy for us to emulate and imbibe those for overall improvement in our conduct,behavior and ultimately achieve the goal of satisfaction and happiness. The ideas suggested have been built around practical experience and framed on the basis of keen observations and as such will surely help the reader to improve the overall approach towards life.

Rajeev Kshetrapal
Director – HR
Indorama Corporation Singapore
Camp India, New Delhi

Dr Ajit Varwandkar – I see him as a master story teller who suggests usin ‘communication’ to defy adamancy that engulfs and restricts us to grow and develop in life. Communicating with self to gain spiritual enlightenment being at the top, he questions if we are communicating enough with the brain by knowing what thoughts are we being sown, nurtured and weeded out? Emphasizing yet another form of communication, silence, to bring out solutions, the author appears to have a firm belief in being active and positively inclined in life. A beautiful compilation of write ups on how to align one’s own life interwoven with day to day observations is a great read. He could be easily called as Norman Vincent Peale of India.

Dr Swati Pande Nalawade,
Academician and Brand & Market Observer
Currently Associate Professor, FLAME University

This book, THINK SUCCESS, is a boon to all those who wish to get motivated and stay inspired consistently. Ajit has given some really effective ideas for success.

Maheshwar Dayal, IPS
IG, CISF, Govt of India,
New Delhi 

“Dr.Ajit is a skillful narrator of day-to-day incidents and events in everyone’s life for their profound and impactful meaning and application for effective management of one’s personal and professional life”. Think Success – shall definitely be able to share great learnings with it’s readers.

Prof.K. Harigopal
International Management Consultant and HRD expert

Dr Ajit Varwandkar and I have never met but we are “Virtual Friends” since over one year and we remain in touch almost daily. My Saturday morning starts with reading of inspirational and thought provoking article of Dr Ajit which he invariably sends by WhatsApp.

Dr Ajit is an Author, a Trainer and a Motivational Speaker besides being a Career Counsellor. His articles are always packed with real-life stories drawn from his extensive experience in the field of training and human relations. He narrates stories, discusses problems with compassion and provides practical solutions, which are always unique and remarkable. In his articles always discusses human relationship in relation to life and work so vividly that one is compelled to read his article again and again.

I personally found his writings useful for my life and professional activities. I am sure the readers will find this book highly useful. Every chapters in this book will be found inspiring, refreshing and thought provoking for problem solving and satisfying relationship. I would recommend this book, Think Success, to be read by youth – students as well as professionals, businessmen, housewives and people from every segment of society.

HR Consultant & Personal Counsellor

“Think Success” is not a book to be read once & feel good. Dr. Ajit through this book not only inspires you but gives proven step formula to make you a great success in your chosen field. He states that success is in the mind before you become one. He is undoubtedly a brilliant author & some of his articles are just transforming. This book is for each one of us irrespective of the field we are in – how much you get from this book is how much want to get out of this book.

Iyer Subramanian
Senior Advisor
The Employers Federation of India

The book “Think Success” is very interesting and highly thought provoking. It’s difficult to stop reading once you start. Every chapter flows like a mighty river through curves of one’s mind. I suggest the reader to use this book as a manual for success.

Chakrapani Atmakur,
General Manager – Human Resources.
SI Group (I) Pvt Ltd.

ShankaraI am greatly impressed by the thoughts shared by D. Ajit Varwandkar in this book ‘Think Success’ – it is a wonderful tool for self-development and growth. I suggest the reader to use this book as a life skill manual. Students of all genre – be it management, medicine, commerce, arts or engineering should necessarily read this book.

Dr. Pratap B Deshmukh
Shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus,

He is so natural. When we read his articles it seems like he is sitting in front and explaining the concepts. I find Dr. Ajit Varwandkar’s writing very encouraging. The most impressive impact comes from the ideaswhich he picks up from happenings close to our day to day works; He always shares a new direction and dimensions to the basics of life. My best wishes to him for his social works and this book – THINK SUCCESS.

Mukesh Nihal,
Teacher – Art of Living

SBII am glad to note that Dr. Ajit Varwandkar has published this book titled ‘Think Success’. I am a regular reader of the motivational column “Success Toolkit” authored by him, in fact those articles enlightens me and help me in transforming my thoughts. I acknowledge with a sense of gratitude of the deep understanding and wide knowledge that he possesses on the subject of motivation which touches the lives of not only students, teachers, academicians, executives but the whole gamut of people who believe in having a stress and positive life.

I am confident that this book will be of great help to all sections of people and will make them feel motivated and transform their lives in course of time.

Vijay Yechuri
Assistant General Manager
SBI, Raipur

I am really fortunate to be able to participate in your two days workshop on “Transformation through Thought Engineering “. It was a new idea about transformation of individual and the team. I found the program beneficial for individual as well as the team. Following are our takeaways from the program.

  • Understanding the super power of individual brain through nurturing of thought process
  • Improvement in thought process through various exercises , demonstrated in the workshop
  • Inculcating positive thinking through meditation by the ‘ Blue Energy Globe ‘ technique
  • Creating positive attitude by replacing word ‘Problem’ with ‘Challenge’ through power of Subconscious mind
  • Focusing on Common Goals through team exercise and improvement in decision making

Dr. Ajit is focused on motivational aspect of individual & the team to achieve transformation through Thought Engineering. Many of us can be benefitted from this workshop, if we start practicing the learnings from the workshop and it can transform the way of working & thinking in our professional career. I hope Dr. Ajit will come up with such unique tools for the corporate employees for individual & business transformation.

Tarun Kumar Roy, Plant Head
Adhartal Industrial Estate, Jabalpur-482004, MP, India.

Ajit has got a very natural zeal to portray his thoughts in live examples and linking it to very simple facts of life. His columns on every week brings in a different perspective to thinking process. His workshops on Thought Engineering have generated positive energy and dynamism in ruling out the confusions and negativity in our organisation. His book THINK SUCCESS has given very relevant examples to relate with and be successful.I am sure his positive strokes will bring optimism and sea change in people.

Ravindra Dharkar
Senior Vice President – HR Operations (Cement)
Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd. 
(formerly Lafarge India Limited) 

I take this opportunity to thank you for an extremely energetic and thought provoking workshop on “Thought Engineering” conducted for our staff (including all HODs) from corporate and various sites at our corporate Headquarters at Surya Treasure Island Mall, Bhilai.

You exhibited great interpersonal skills and made a powerful impact on the audience during the said workshop. As such the workshop was well received by the participants and kept them fully engrossed through out the session. I am quite sanguine that they must have immensely benefitted from the same and may be incorporating the lessons learnt in their official and personal life. Such workshops inculcate an out of the box thinking and should be conducted by various organisations for their employees and staff from time to time.

We wish you more success in your future endevours.

Best regards,
Ashish Tayal
Sr GM (Marketing and Administration)
Biltech Engineers Pvt Ltd

NMDCAs a participant in one of your programs, I was immensely impressed by the depth of your insight in the concept of ‘Thought engineering’.

Before the above lecture, I never thought, thoughts also can be engineered.

I also follow your articles and find the topics to be varied & interesting with high quality English.
I still recall the training program on presentation skills we both underwent way back a decade ago and I am pleased to note your ascent as a professional trainer.
With Good Wishes for more success in your future endeavors.

P. Shyam


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