Transformation happens when the learnings get imbibed in behavior. However, learnings in a training session usually have a short shelf life. As such, we take special measures to ensure an automatically extended tenure of lessons learned. Here is an illustrative list of a few Learning retention Tools used by Dr Ajit Varwandkar in his workshops:

THE PLEDGE : A tool to initiate learning mode for participants

BLUE BROWN MEDIFESTATION : A self-inspiring & infectious technique which creates an addiction for learning & execution.

MY TAKEAWAYS : Summation of “wow factors”

COMMITMENT CERTIFICATE :  This is one of the most impactful feature which boosts overall performance

REMINDER CHAMPIONS : The concept of Reminder Champions (RC’s) is to ensure the learning continuum.

WHATS APP SOLUTIONS : Supports in resolutions / clarifications on critical issues

REVIEW COTTAGE : Cottages supplement learning retention

BENEFIT BOARD : Inspires participants to experiment with their learnings

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Dr Ajit Varwandkar