Competencies Addressed through the Transformation Workshop:

  1. Self-Development – Take ownership for overall growth & development

Core Theme

  • Ability to get into self-inspired thoughts of continuous Self Improvement
  • Learn to be aware of and manage one’s own emotions
  • Ability to rise above stress and manage situations peacefully especially when thingsget rough
  • Ability to visualize & have clearly defined objectives. The art of beginning with the end in mind.
  1. Adaptability  Take ownership for overall growth & development

Core Theme

  • Thought Shift – the strategic thinking process to be the change and lead it from the front.
  • Develop a can-do-it attitude by using the power of subconscious mind
  • Ability to think clearly in order to efficiently plan goals & achieve more
  1. Achievement OrientationStrive for continuous success

Core Theme

  • Self-Empowerment – get exposed to the abundant power of self & get charged to achieve bigger and challenging goals
  • Set benchmarks to challenge statues-quo and unleash inherent strengths to achieve more
  • Attract success by abundant powers bestowed by the of the law of attraction

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