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Thought Engineering: The Signature Workshop“Every Achievement begins with a thought and likewise every failure can also be attributed to a thought”. As per one survey conducted by CY Walkeman over 800 professionals from 100 corporates, the research data revealed that on an average employees were spending at least 2.5 hours every day being “engaged in mentally wasteful thought process” (this drain was coined as emotional waste).  The 2.5 hours per day wastage of productive hours translates into 17 hours a week, 68 hours a month or say 816 hours a year! This loss, multiplied by the number of people in the organisation translates into a colossal leakage of productivity from business hours!

Achieve More through Thought Engineering – a transformation workshop format – has been designed to arrest this energy drain.  This module is an experiential, high impact session and deals with the Qualitative as well as Quantitative Management of Thoughts with an objective to enhance productivity.

The session has received positive, optimistic and encouraging reviews from all participants till date. Many of them have made the thought maintenance process a routine chore and they are reaping wonderful fruits out of it – a few such participants have reported the following specific results:

                                        1. Elevated level of happiness in life

                                        2. Reduced stress

                                        3. High level of motivation to achieve more

                                        4. Impeccable decision making

                                        5. Better time utilization

                                        6. Increased efficiency at workplace

                                        7. Adaptability in tough and challenging situations


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