Author: Dr. Ajit Varwandkar

Laddu Pinto was one of the senior members of a particular community. He was known as a man of patience and compassion. He used to conduct meditation camps for young and old in the city. Well known for his wisdom, he was the man everyone could count on whenever they faced any critical decision-making situation. Invariably, his words were found to be valuable by one and all.

One evening, something unexpected happened in society. People saw that Laddu was shouting at some person. Everyone around thought that if Laddu had raised his voice, the matter must have been something serious. People nearby reached the spot where Laddu was firing at a seemingly innocent boy.

Eventually, a lot of public gathered and trapped the boy. The matter was investigated, and the boy was given an opportunity to explain his case. It was found that the chap was not responsible for the wrong. People consulted each other and allowed the fellow to go home. The crowd dispersed, and Laddu came back home.

A few other senior people from the locality came to meet Laddu. Their concern was, ‘the alarming irrational behaviour of Laddu Pinto”. How could a man, known to be the tome of peace and calm, behave irrationally? Laddu listened to the anxieties of all his well-wishers peacefully. After some time, he said some exceptionally powerful words which made life so easy.

Laddu said, “Friends, I agree that my outburst was ill-founded. I accept that my behaviour was not right. Even I do not expect myself to be so harsh and irrational.” He added, “Well, my question to all of you is this – Why do you expect me to be 100% perfect all 365 days of a year?” After all, I am also a human being. I also have an emotion-churning machine fixed on the top of my body! Like you, I also get exposed to a million distractions and provocations throughout the day.

Breakdowns are absolutely normal. You all must be maintaining some or the other machine – be it an automobile or a smartphone. Despite being backed by the best technology and top trusted brand, one day, the bug appears. The phone may need a format, and the car might have to be sent to a workshop for repair and maintenance.

Likewise, an incongruent expression from my end is also absolutely human! I make all conscious efforts to be right most of the time, but for some reason, I might as well go wrong one day! Please do not get perplexed and shocked about my wrong actions. Rest assured, I have understood and accepted my mistake. I know I may have disappointed all of you, but I promise to be more cautious and sanguine in future.

Dear readers, doesn’t a similar experience happen to us sometimes? You don’t expect your parent or kids to behave in some erratic way. Your boss showers disgusting work orders. A member of your team starts abusing someone. Your friend acts crazy all of a sudden! What do you do? Get excited and start doing the behaviour post-mortem! Right? But maybe that’s not the proper reaction to such a situation; as Laddu Pinto said, “Why do you expect me to be perfect all the time?”

Each one has the right to be imperfect and irrational. Being crazy or expressing unexpected emotions is also a great way to relax. Instead of making a hue and cry at someone’s unpredictable behaviour, learn to accept and understand. Absorb the peculiarities of those you can not avoid living with and maintain a peaceful ecosystem.

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This column was originally published by the author in The Times of India