Author: Dr. Ajit Varwandkar

In today’s column, I am sharing 50 statements that reflect the wisdom I have gained in my life. Every thought sketched below is authored by me. I am sure you will love reading these nuggets of life experience.

  1. Reading is like insurance. Those who read something good and new every day protect themselves from the uncertainties of the unknown future.
  2. As much as possible, spend time with youngsters.
  3. The day I meditate, I achieve more than the day I miss it!
  4. Those who do not dare to ask stupid questions never grow.
  5. Our words reflect not just our character but also our state of mind.
  6. When you do not love staying alone, you may be in the wrong company!
  7. Creative ideas can take birth anywhere, but it needs a peaceful place for execution.
  8. Education is necessarily a symptom of reduced ignorance on subjects of science. However, education is not a demonstration of your wisdom.
  9. Excellent results are achieved through exceptional efforts
  10. Fear is nothing but a lack of knowledge.
  11. If it seems very hard to you, there is a chance that you may have missed looking at it from a better angle.
  12. Learn to pardon yourself first.
  13. Relationships are meant to be like bridges, not walls
  14. If there is something which keeps hurting you, the chances are that you have not shared the experience with an understanding person.
  15. A little bit of music is a must for each one of us. It helps release a lot of unwanted and accumulated stress.
  16. Nothing is given to you free in this world. The worst is when you compromise on quality and performance to buy something cheap!
  17. If it looks tough, the chances are that you are on the best possible track.
  18. Never help someone without their asking for it. (barring a few exceptional situations)
  19. Taking a deep shallow breath is the secret to human energy.
  20. Leaders are not born as they look to be. They invested a lot into self-training.
  21. An idea is worth the execution it meets.
  22. If it is to be, it is up to me to do it
  23. Intentional liars soon get into oblivion.
  24. Never work only for your salary. Work for the purpose.
  25. Consistently outperform your remuneration.
  26. Failures teach more than success. Never run after successful people.
  27. If you are in doubt, pause for some time.
  28. What you get to see with your naked eyes can always be misleading and partially true.
  29. You can attract good health, and how so ever sick you may be.
  30. Be self-inspired and never depend on the creches of motivation.
  31. As a parent, you must demonstrate what you want your kids to be.
  32. First, deserve, then desire.
  33. Use soft words. Hurting words can permanently break relations.
  34. The day I miss my morning exercise, I carry reduced work efficiency throughout the day.
  35. Only those who enjoy the bliss in the present moment live life to the fullest.
  36. Feed a hungry living being every day.
  37. Respect everyone. Be extra respectful of women.
  38. Living in the past is a sign of frustration and hopelessness.
  39. Be grateful for everything you have as of now – even if it is a difficult circumstance.
  40. You are degenerating if your thoughts control your emotions, actions and behaviour.
  41. Family is nothing but Father And Mother I Love You
  42. Every single breath you take is the most essential thing in your life at any moment.
  43. God engineers complicated situations to bring out the champion in you.
  44. Your aspirations must always be more than your resources
  45. The next moment can bring miracles in your life. Be optimistic.
  46. The day you leave this body, you renounce all possessions. Why not learn to do it early!
  47. Upgrade yourself with technology; otherwise, technology will downgrade your worth.
  1. Invest some portion of your time and earnings in self-development. Be selfish in this manner.
  2. Our thoughts can be our biggest power or the most significant enemy within!
  1. Your journey could begin anywhere, but it must end up making you a role model.

I hope you could get some valuable ideas to implement. Do share these pointers with those whom you love.

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This column was originally published by the author in The Times of India