Often, we read in the newspapers about the turnaround story of a falling organization. What happens after a new Director or Chief Executive Officer takes charge of the leadership. One would wonder what miracle a person does in the given circumstances that the fallout is a beautiful result! Couldn't the earlier leader have done the same?

The point is, "what went wrong with the last person and how did the new leader transform the situation?"Invariably the incumbent doesn’t bear a magic wand. Proper research on a few such cases concludes that the new person walked ahead with a rich scientific approach in planning and executing things. They also did demonstrate an unbeatable attitude and a highly flexible behavior yet a non-negotiating spirit!

What the new CEO actually does can be defined in the following steps:

Step 1: Takes time to understand the current situation thoroughly. Identifies the strengths and also the areas of caution. Lessons from previous failures become the guiding milestones.

Step 2: The new team connects with all stakeholders and understands their perspectives. The 360-degree feedback helps get clarity on various critical aspects of the scenario. In fact, it helps to shed light on the otherwise blind spots.

Step 3: The path ahead begins with the setting of fresh goals, clearly defined and categorized into short term as well as long-term buckets

Step 4: This is the stage where ruthlessly focused execution begins. These days demand extra agility, enough patience, and tireless perseverance!

Well, friends, there is a big lesson to be learned from this story of ‘how a new CEO works .'Especially if you are not happy with the current professional or personal life situation, there is a high value of learning. The idea is to wear the hat of a new CEO and start relooking at your life with a fresh perspective. If you are looking for a new tomorrow, there is a lot of work for you to do today.

In tune with the four steps taken by the new leader to turn around the erstwhile ailing organization, we can also start rebuilding our careers in four steps. Here are the four steps which will make a great impact and help you achieve the much-sought transformation:

Step 1: Accept the current reality – you know it is not a desirable state, and you decide not to fret about it anymore. Do an extensive deep dive into your current situation with an absolute indifferent approach. Journal all your findings.

Step 2: Identify the most influential five resource persons you may have in your life. All those must be your undisputed well-wishers. Connect with each one of them and discuss your ideas. When you get their insights, definitely something new and purposeful might pop up. Caution: At this stage, be ready to listen to unpleasant feedback and contradictory thought processes. Do not be judgmental, and keep yourself prepared to accept new and maybe unwelcome ideas.

Step 3: Tell yourself – “I can," and set new goals for yourself. Ensure that your targets are timebound and classified into short-term and long-term categories. While doing this, a highly sensitive and intelligent third-person approach towards oneself is a must. You are laying down the foundation for your future success at this stage. Hence be absolutely committed to every word that you plan.

Step 4: Restart. Coordinate all required resources and have the guts, to begin with, a revitalized hope and enthusiasm. Let not your past failures allow you to be pulled down. Instead, convert those setbacks into your pillars of strength. Remember, the wisdom of knowing 'what not to do' is more important than having the know-how of the right steps!

This is the time when you will have to ignore public opinion. Wear an attitude of insulating mass reactions. Stay aligned with your goals and keep scoring runs at a consistent pace.

Last but not least, the biggest differentiator and your edge to make winning at this stage shall be your integrity. It is a must that you are not only honest to yourself but also hundred percent committed to your goals. If you dream, desire, and are determined to achieve a new future, ṭry being the new CEO of your old self!

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Dr. Ajit Varwandkar is the Director of myaglakadam.com. He is a leading career counsellor and can be contacted on 9826132972 or email him at info@fsindia.in

This column was originally published by the author in The Times of India