Laddu was brought up in a small town. He completed his schooling in early 2000. Without much awareness about his career goals, he accomplished a degree in Electrical Engineering from an average branded institution. With a lot of pride in his degree, he jumped into the job market.

After killing a few months in the job search process, Laddu realized that his qualification was not sufficient to get a respectable job. Eventually, he signed up for a management course – a post-graduate degree. He was offered an average-paying job by a sponge-iron producing unit, during the placement season. His job was to work in the department of Stores and Purchase. Laddu was not much excited about this offer but had no other option but to join.

Somehow, Laddu’s career journey started rolling. Over the next two decades, he shifted and sorted through many job roles and different industries. When the pandemic broke in, Laddu lost his job. As Covid recedes and the normalcy is restored, the commerce is also getting back on track. Not so for Laddu. He has been desperately making efforts to get back into employment but is yet to hit the jackpot.

Laddu met me a few weeks back. He wanted me to help him as his career coach. I agreed, and the first thing I did was to assure him that the solution to his current crises exists in the format of a beautiful career path ahead. Subsequently, we started analyzing the current situation, doing a SWOT analysis, and jotting down the findings.

These are the key reasons which we found responsible for Laddu’s state of misery:

  • There was no alignment between Laddu’s education and most of his job roles.
  • Over the period, Laddu had not developed expertise in any specific job role or work process.
  • Laddu did not acquire additional qualifications in the supply chain and logistics department to support his job needs.
  • He did not upgrade himself with any new-age skills
  • Laddu was not much savvy with digital technology
  • He had not attended enough training and workshops to gain add-on learnings.
  • He had not been reading good books
  • Laddu had never invested in self-development
  • He was extravagantly spending time on social media
  • Laddu did not have enough savings for the rainy day
  • Over the previous few years, Laddu had become change-resistant.
  • Any new idea was a ‘no no’ for him.
  • The state of joblessness had eroded a lot of self-esteem for Laddu.
  • As a result, he had developed highly negative perceptions about life.

Laddu’s strengths:

  • Laddu knew that he had an area of improvement
  • He had some hopes alive to create a joyous future
  • He knew what he didn’t know and was ready to learn it
  • He had the right professional guidance
  • His family was a stress buster and a great cushion for him
  • He was maintaining good physical health
  • He was widely networked on social media
  • He had great oration skills

Lessons to be learned from this story:

  • As far as possible, start your career journey with proper scientific research and expert advice.
  • Do not grab any and every job offer that comes your way. First, analyze the impact of any new job proposal on your future career prospects and only then decide to accept or decline the offer.
  • Keep upgrading your skills and academic qualifications in alignment with your current job role.
  • Never sit idle. If circumstances put you out of job, begin a start-up or get into consulting. Remember, a failure experience can transform you into a better consultant for a bigger chunk of people in society.
  • Keep reading good literature, and invest at least 25% of your time and money in self-development all round the year.
  • Be shameless in accepting your life situations. Never be concerned about other’s opinions about you. Remember, it is you who will have to work a way out of your current fix. Outsiders can, at best, enjoy the story! So best is to ignore them to the fullest.
  • Be a good salesperson. Whatever might be your skills and abilities. Invariably you will need sales articulation to connect with the opportunities around.

Wishing you all a happy and satisfying career ahead.

This blog was originally posted on Times of India by Author.